911 Dispatcher Jobs Training Programs

The profession of the 911 Dispatcher has changed over the past several years and will continue to progress in the future. This training program has been adapted and modified from various training programs with the primary focus being to create a training process that will allow the 911 Dispatcher to flourish in the profession. The 911 Dispatcher Training Program is designed to individualize to the progress of each trainee. A Trainee with prior experience or exceptional skills may move more rapidly than a trainee with little or no past experience. Check out this post about 911 Dispatcher training at http://www.joinrsd.org:

The training prepares you to:

  • Operate a variety of communications equipment including radio systems, enhanced 9-1-1, various telephone systems, telecommunications device for the deaf, recording equipment, and computer systems

  • Obtain essential information to determine priority, locale and the appropriate emergency units to be dispatched.

  • Determine jurisdiction, notifying or transferring calls to other agencies as needed

  • Transmit information and orders, and receive messages, typing all radio transmissions received

  • Make inquiries to obtain information required by deputies in the field

  • Read and interpret maps to locate emergency incidents.

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Tips for 911 dispatcher interviews

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming 911 dispatcher interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again? We are give the tips for 911 dispatcher interview. How to face the interview? and which type of problem to face in the interview? Read more about question and answer which are ask in interview at https://www.livecareer.com.

911 Dispatcher Interview Questions And Answers

Before you step into an office for a professional interview, you should do a significant amount of preparation. Start with research regarding standard company polices and practices. Next, look at the original job posting and compare it to standard industry requirements. Try to understand what your prospective employer needs from an ideal prospect.

With this knowledge, you will be prepared to handle dispatcher interview questions and answers. To practice, set up a mock interview with friends and family acting as your interview panel. Pull from common inquiries for dispatcher interviews. Read More..

911 dispatchers are trained to listen closely for clues that could help them send help to a dangerous situation by listening to a coded message.

For more 911 Dispatcher interview tips, and interview question and answer examples, visit: https://www.911dispatcherprograms.org

Go Digitally Green By Adopting SEO Tools

Those tools that give you the opportunity to enjoy online services or software’s and browser extensions as well & which are frequently used by webmasters or SEO specialists are known to be as Search engine optimization tools.

Best tools for search engine optimization:

Here is the list of top tools for SEO:

• Google Analytics.
• Google webmaster tools.
• Keyword planner.
• MozBar.
• Woorank.

Enjoy this post by Graham Charlton at econsultancy.com and learn about 30 awesome SEO tools:

30+ SEO tools to make your life easier

By Graham Charlton

With the help of some SEO experts, I’ve compiled a list of useful tools to help with on-site optimisation, link analysis and more.

While some of these tools are paid, the majority are free to use, or at least offer a limited service for free users.

Thanks to Kevin Gibbons, Irish Wonder, Nick Chowdrey and Pete Handley for their suggestions.

Keyword research and content planning
Google’s Keyword Planner. Used as described in this article, the keyword planner can be a valuable tool for identifying opportunities and finding ideas for content.

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Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the most important tool that must be used. If you haven’t used it yet than it is the right time to give a try. This tool helps you & provide you with detailed and quality information.

Google webmaster tools

This tool is particularly used by SEO. Its core focus is on “search “and “optimization “as well. The basic purpose of this tool is the provision of data in simpler form.

Also take a look at the list of these SEO tools by Kevan Lee at blog.bufferapp.com:

24 Simple and Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Marketing

Written by Kevan Lee
Apr 26, 2016

Whenever I dream up a home improvement project for my place, I end up working smartest and fastest when I have the right tools at my disposal. It’s amazing the difference a good tool can make – and the extra time it takes to get work done without a helpful tool.
Fast-forward to online marketing. How can you work smarter and faster with SEO?
It starts with having the right tools.
I’ve collected a big sampling of the best free SEO tools on the market—tools with a wide variety of uses and covering a number of common needs. These tools are fast, free, and easy-to-use. I hope you find one or two (or twenty) you can put to good use, today.

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Keyword planner

There was a tool known as keyword tool, which has been replaced by Keyword planner. The task of keyword planner is to do researching in a better way.

Chase Reiner SEO has a list of 29 tools in this video; watch it here:


In search engine optimization it is very necessary to recognize the right stuff. MozBar is that tool which helps you to determine the right stuff.


Woorank is used to analyze the data. Moreover, it is also very useful for generating reports in few seconds.

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Understanding Organic SEO

No matter if you are running a small or a major business, you have certainly heard of search engine optimization. SEO is an essential digital marketing tool that focuses on how search engines rank a website as well as the material found on websites. SEO experts have developed different methods, techniques and tactics to optimize your site, improve your online visibility, build your brand, create your original online identity and much more. Different SEO strategies yielded different results, but when it comes to organic SEO, it is certain that you will always get great results. Everyone wants their website to rank at least on the first page, if not in the top five of all searches, and there are many different ways to achieve this. However, with the help of an organic SEO expert you will not just temporarily reach first place, on the contrary, you will solidify your position on the online market and build a strong, recognizable online identity. In this article, we will discuss why organic SEO is not the best, but your only option to yield positive and permanent results.

What is Organic SEO?

As we mentioned, SEO has different forms. Organic search engine optimization is a variety that uses methods to obtain a high ranking in unpaid, algorithm-driven results on any given search engine. For example, SEO Melbourne experts are known for boosting keywords with quality content, and not with black hat SEO tactics. Tactics that involve keyword stuffing and bad link forming will sooner or later lead to getting your site penalized or shut down by major search engines, especially Google. Even if you get away with this and attract some visitors, they will quickly realize you have bad, irrelevant content on your website. That means your site will be relevant just for a while. On the other hand, methods used by SEO Canberra experts, such as delivering quality content and redesigning your website as well as focusing on quality back-linking can lead to amazing results that will reflect on your entire business.


This method is called organic SEO because, as you can see, it grows and develops your website, similar as an organism, grows, develops and evolves. Of course, to achieve quality results, this must be done by experts. An amateur, unfortunately, cannot grow his website (or business) organically by himself. In the essence of organic SEO is to optimize your website to contain high-quality information and content that is spread through quality (relevant) link building and metatags incorporation throughout your site. Organic SEO results are not possible to achieve without having quality and unique content. With quality content, you can easily choose relevant keywords and attract the right audience to your site. Once the audience reached your website, they can keep coming back by themselves if you have interesting and informative content. Using organic SEO methods is cost-effective on the long run, not only because it will generate more traffic, but because those results will last longer and permanently affect your business. This is an excellent way to start building trust with customers.

Conserve Nature With Custom Rolling Papers

Have you ever heard of custom rolling papers? Is there any way a thing like rolling papers can be customized? If these are your curious questions, then the answer to all your queries is ’Yes’. Isn’t it fantastic to have custom made, beautifully colored, funky designed rolling papers. Get out of the boring shell and funk up your style.

Check out this post about twisty glass blunts at http://boingboing.net:

The Twisty Glass blunt makes rolling papers obsolete

Aug 1, 2016

When you want to enjoy a good smoke, the last thing you want to do is spend time rolling up a fat one. We know your pain, and that’s why we’re crazy about the Twisty Glass Blunt.

This is a top-of-the-line glass pipe that holds 1.5 grams of our favorite herb, and lights like a regular cigar. Paper rollups? So yesterday. When we want to get to business, we simply take off the cap and insert our herb into the blunt.

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You can have amazing designs and awesome colors on rolling papers. Custom made rolling papers do not mean low quality rather the quality is way too good. It is durable and made of all natural ingredients, no added or artificial salts are added.

Stop thinking too much and enjoy a style statement of custom rolling papers. It’s not only limited to print a specific design on rolling paper, you can custom a lot by choosing from matte finish to glossy or holographic stack of paper quality.

Also take a look at top 5 cool rolling papers in this post by PATRICK BENNETT at leafly.com:

5 Cool Rolling Papers You Have to Try


Rolling papers have come quite a long way since their beginnings in 18th century Spain. Today, cannabis enthusiasts everywhere revere the rolling paper as a preferred vehicle for their cannabis enjoyment. What was once a market solely for tobacco users has now grown significantly with the onset of a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts. Varieties of unique papers have begun to flourish as papers themselves have grown to be more than practically functional; instead, they are now the new fashion accessory.

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Have a style statement and flaunt your good taste in such fine and delicate detailing of rolling paper. Enhance your smoking experience and enjoy the best of things you possibly can. Its price depends on the quality of paper you prefer to use.

Check this video by RawPapersOfficial to know a little history:

No paper from http://99centbics.com/ has chemicals or burning salt in it.

Nature-Friendly Ways to Unclog Your Drain

A clogged drain is something every homeowner hates. There are many drain cleaning products on the market that boast about their unclogging powers, but the fact is they almost never do the job well. Other than not working, these products contain harsh chemicals that can not only damage our pipes and plumbing system but also affect our health. For example, popular chemical drainers contain acid that will burn through anything and severely damage our environment.

If you respect the nature and want to contribute to its preservation, you should try out some green ways to unblock your drain. Before asking plumbing companies for help, try using our tips and methods to get rid of a stubborn clog naturally. The following methods are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Use Boiling Water, Baking Soda and Vinegar

To prevent the drains clogging, every week or two thoroughly clean your drains by heating up a gallon of water until it boils and then slowly pouring it down your kitchen and shower drains. Pour a little bit at a time to give any clogs, debris and grease enough time to break down.

If you already have problems with a clog, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar should do the trick and break down even the most stubborn clogs. First, clean the drain with boiling water and spread baking soda all over it. Immediately pour vinegar into the drain to cause a bubbly, fizzy reaction that will magically clean your drain. The secret of this trick is that the vinegar and water makes the soda more alkaline and thus more powerful to cut through the clog.

If you decide to use this technique, you mustn’t use any of the chemical type drain cleaners afterward. If you use a chemical drain clean cleaner after using baking soda and vinegar, you can cause an adverse chemical reaction. Baking soda and vinegar is a powerful combination that can dissolve hair, grease and small clumps of food, but if the blockage is big or located farther down the drain, it may take a couple of times to use this method to break down the clog completely. To give it an extra boost, you can reverse this method by first adding baking soda and vinegar and then pour a few cups of boiling water to flush out any of the debris that was loosened. Heating vinegar may also help with stubborn clogs.

Use a Plunger or a Wire

If you have a plunger, you will probably be able to create enough suction over the drain to pull up or dislodge whatever is slowing or blocking it. If you don’t have a plunger, find a wire and make a small hook at one end. With this homemade plumbing snake, try pulling the clog up -just be careful not to push it farther down.

If none of the methods we mentioned worked, it is time to call a plumber because the clog is probably located far down the pipes. Call Jiffy today to get immediate plumbing assistance! This local plumbing company offers high-quality service at an affordable price and a friendly customer service. Please click here for more information.

The Top Ways To Make Your Office Environmentally Friendly

If you feel that your office is not very environmentally friendly then there are a number of steps that you can take.  Some of these steps will be easier than others while some will not work for all businesses.  However, knowing what they are will help you determine which are best for you.

recycle and reuse

Look At Office Supplies

Your office supplies will be one of the areas where you are not very environmentally friendly.  One way to change this is to have reusable pens and only have the refills available in the supply cupboard.  You should also look at having the supply cupboard under supervision where people will need to sign out what they have taken.  This will not only help you keep track of what it being used, but employees will generally be less wasteful when they have to account for everything.

Look At Your Printing

The most environmentally unfriendly part of any office is the printing.  The best way to go green in this respect is to become a digital office where nothing is printed.  There are a number of software programs that allow you to print to various online formats and Windows comes with a PDF printer.  Going paperless will be the best way to become environmentally friendly.

However, if this is not an option for your business then you should look at eliminating the waste of printing.  A lot of people print a few pages only to find that the last page only has one line of writing on it.  There are programs that can identify these wasteful printing errors and correct them before the document is printed.

You should also look at buying environmentally friendly paper.  This will be recycled paper or chlorine-free paper.  There are also some paper manufacturers who use renewable sources for their paper such as hemp and bamboo.

Looking At The Premises

Your business premises should also be environmentally friendly, but this is something that not all businesses can change because they do not own the building.  However, there is one way that you can look at making your premises eco-friendly and that is through having a smaller working space.  Allowing employees to work virtually will decrease the impact of your premises and will not have a negative impact on productivity.  In fact, there have been studies which show that people are more productive when they are allowed to work from home.

Climate Controlled Storage Demystified

Imagine putting items that you treasure in a self storage unit for safekeeping, only to find later that they have been the victims of the air around them. That’s right – the humidity or the moisture in the air can cause serious damage to all kinds of things.

Fabrics can mold, particle board can absorb moisture and swell beyond expectations, clothes can grow musty, documents can discolor, wood can warp and electronics simply give up the ghost.

But where can you put your things that will keep them in the same condition as when you stored them initially? The answer to that question is a climate controlled storage unit, where the ups and downs of seasonal temperatures and the accompanying humidity are not allowed to reign.

Modern technology bars these destroyers from your unit and produces an environment that will maintain your belongings in unchanged condition for years.


climate controlled storage units


The end goal of protecting items in a storage unit can be reached in different ways.


Techniques and tools employed in this effort include the following:

  • A combined approach of increasing the depth of the insulation while installing programmable thermostats and HVAC systems as the storage unit is initially being built will permit the directed control of the temperature and humidity within each unit.


  • By finishing off a storage unit with double doors like those found in commercial kitchens, climate conditions can be maintained within a confined area.


  • Taking care to identify and plug holes left from work on plumbing or heating to eliminate as far as possible any unplanned access points for outside air and dust is fine tuning for your unit.


While a climate controlled storage unit will not look distinctly different from other units on the site, you will be able to see over time the favorable effects this environment has on your stored items.

If you think enough of your belongings to store them rather than to discard them, you should value them sufficiently to place them in a climate-controlled unit where they will be properly maintained.

Some people find the hardest part of a storage is the decision making. As you sort through your goods, you must determine the proper placement for your things. One criterion that might help you in making these decisions is to think about leaving a specific thing packed away in your garage for a year.

If you have no concerns about the outcome, then you should probably be fine with a regular storage unit. If, however, you can’t really imagine Aunt Tilly’s portrait or your wedding gown being stashed long-term in a hot, dusty, possibly pest-ridden corner beside the family car, a climate controlled unit is the one for you.